Ataraxia's Asset Management division is responsible for providing both tailored structured solutions as well as broader funds to insitutional, corporate and high net worth investors.

Ataraxia has structured a series of tailored solutions for clients across markets such as equity linked notes, capital protected products and cash management products. We also currently have a number of funds thatprovide exposure to various markets.

Our offerings:

Cash Management Trust Fund (CMT)

The fund aims to provide investors with a mechanism to generate returns over and above overnight deposit rates. We will measure this based on the central bank cash rate as well as deposit rates provided by local banking institutions. The trust structure of the fund allows companies to benefit significant on tax saving. This feature along with the professional treasury management of the fund provides significant benefits for institutions.

The fund will invest in short term money market instruments and investors funds will be redeemable at all times, there is no waiting period for investors to redeem their funds, similar to a bank account.

S&P SL20 Index Fund (SL20)

The ArpicoAtaraxia S&P SL 20 Index Fund ('the Fund') aims to provide investors with the performance of the market, before fees and expenses, as represented by the S&P SL 20 Index ("the Index"). The Fund invests in Sri Lankan T op 20 listed companies on the Colombo Stock Exchange ("CSE"), and seeks to use a full replication strategy to track the performance of the Index.

The Index is a free float-adjusted market capitalisation weighted index designed to track the performance of the 20 largest securities in the Sri Lankan equity universe

Sri Lanka Bond Fund (SBF)

The ArpicoAtaraxia Sri Lanka Bond Fund ('the Fund') provides investors with a simple way to access Sri Lankan government bills and bonds with minimum fees. The Fund is the only risk free investment for investors as bills and bonds are backed by the government of Sri Lanka.

Repo Investment Fund (RIF)

Arpico Ataraxia REPO Fund enables investors to optimize their returns on short term investments in government securities. The Fund holds REPO instruments backed by treasury securities, treasury bills and treasury bonds on short term basis and offers investors higher REPO returns together with substantial tax savings. Investors can dictate the duration they wish and it could range from over-night to one year depending on investors’ liquidity needs.